What is Boozly?

Developed by On-Demand Lab, Boozly is an on-demand alcoholic beverages delivery platform.

We're on a mission to provide affordable booze to your door in under 60 minutes, via owned & operated and/or strategically located "not on the high street" distribution centres.


Boozly Works on Web and Mobile Devices

The Boozly platform has been designed to work on the web, as a responsive website, but also as downloadable apps for both iOS and Android devices.


The Opportunity

While the UK’s wider retail sector is unfortunately enduring one of it's worst quarters on record, its £16B alcoholic beverages industry is soaring.

In March 2020 supermarkets reported a strong increase in volume sales, at 10.3%, while off-licence sales of alcohol soared 31.4% in volume terms.

Online sales however jumped to more than 22% of all sales, compared with an average of 18% over the last year.


Boozly as a Marketplace

Although selling mainstream lines from owned & operated distribution centres is at the very heart of our business model, Boozly is flexible.

As such, the Boozly platform can also operate as a marketplace, allowing local producers and/or off-licences to sell directly to local customers.

The Boozly Product Suite

What's Included?

The Boozly ecosystem consists of a number of web & app based products, all designed to make for an intuitive, robust & scalable platform.

Boozly Consumer Facing Website & Apps

This is the website and iOS/Android apps that customers will use to place their alcoholic beverage orders from our network of distribution centres.

Boozly Business Manager

A feature rich web-based admin panel that we'll use to manage our day to day business & individual distribution centres accounts.

Boozly Fulfillment App

The Boozly Fulfillment App will enable each of our individual distribution centre managers to independently manage their orders, keep customers up-to-date & manage inventory.

Boozly Driver App

The Boozly Driver Apps allow us to onboard either in-house or independent 3rd party delivery drivers to fulfill the logistical side of our business.

Boozly Benefits

Just a few reasons as to why we think you should invest in Boozly

A Huge Opportunity

The On-Demand services sector is a proven one, with many innovative solutions similar to ours being valued in the hundreds of millions.

On-going Savings

We have our own team of dedicated developers based in Noida, India, which means that we can innovate & iterate at speed & at low cost.

Almost Ready to Go!

We've already built Boozly & are now looking for a partner/investor to help with our launch, including marketing, stock inventory, distribution etc.

Strong Leadership

Our founders have strong backgrounds in the development of tech solutions for some of the worlds largest organisations, including Microsoft & Verizon.

Partners and Investors

We're completely committed to turning Boozly into a globally recognised brand, starting with the UK market. As such, we're now actively looking for either:

A Partner

If you're a well established operater within the alcoholic beverages space & like the sound of Boozly, get in touch.

An Investor

We're exploring SEIS investment opportunities in parallel to potential partnership opportunities. One way or another, you'll soon either be part of the Boozly team, or competing with us.


Become a Boozly Partner or Investor

If you're interested in becoming a Boozly partner and would like to know more, simply get in touch by emailing the On-Demand Lab team at hello@ondemandlab.com.

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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